Merry Christmas everyone!

Jewellust Xmas

OS: Android 1.6+
Installed game size: ~3.5 Mb
To install you must have at least 4.5Mb free.
Apps2SD: supported.

This is the Christmas version of our popular game Jewellust. It will help you to feel the Christams spirit even in Summer!

Game Rules

Exchange signs with each other to destroy a combination of 3 or more signs of one kind. If you’ve burst four or more signs at once, a bonus sign will appear (see below). In campaign mode new bonuses become available as your journey goes.

You must collect all mosaic tiles before time runs out.


To play you must create a profile or use one from existing to continue. Profile stores player's name and progress. As game has online rate system you must enter an unique name otherwise game will suggest you its own unique variant.

Campaign mode

You will visit 7 villages.

To get into the next village you must solve the jigsaw puzzle. Note, that you can swap only adjacent tiles.

Each village conststs of 3-7 cottages.

Survival mode

Rules are the same, but your aim is to get as much score points as possible. Each burst sign gives you some extra game time. Gradually new signs and bonuses become available and the time reward decreases a little.

Each destroyed sign increases remained game time by 1/2 sec. If all mosaic tiles are gathered, time increases by 3 minutes. Time reward decreases gradually and the game becomes harder. After each 500 points a new bonus is available. Each 300 points gives a new level of the Snowball.
Completed mosaic gives three minutes of extra time and 500 game points.

Online Scores

Using ONLINE SCORES button from main menu you can see your own score in online rate table. When you see rate table on your phone by pressing ONLINE SCORES button (not from PC or direct link) you will see your score highlighted. Another difference is that from your phone you can see your score even if you are on place after 50. If you see rate table from direct link you'll see only first 50 places.

Bonus signs

Firecracker: Destroys 3x3 signs around it

Firework: Bursts 8 random signs on the playing field

Horizontal Icicle: When it is activated the whole line of signs will be destroyed

Vertical Icicle: When it is activated the whole column of signs will be destroyed

Iridescent Box: If it is surrounded by 2 ore more signs of one kind it turns into a sign of that kind. After its destruction some time will be added

Snowflake: Turns sign into freezer. When it is destroyed screen will be frozen. During several seconds you can freely exchange signs of any kind

Snowman: Finds a mosaic tile on the playing field and bursts two signs just below it

Lightning: Causes chain reaction: when this sign is destroyed all signs of this kind will be destroyed as well

Christmas Stocking: If it is activated, three random bonuses appear

The Candy Cane

It becomes available when a blue stripe is full and the Candy Cane picture starts blinking. You can use the Candy Cane to destroy any sign on the field.

The Snowball

The Snowball allows you to destroy many signs at once. It can be one of three levels: small, medium and big. When the Snowball becomes available you can use it or wait until it become bigger. A green stripe under the Snowball displays its progress.


Each line of signs has its own sound - so you have seven beautiful notes. You can even play a melody while swapping signs!

Profiles recovering

As profiles are synchronized with online storage, we’ve added a special feature to the game: you can restore all your profiles (7 as maximum) if they were lost!
For instance, you played the game and then uninstall it (when uninstalling, all game data is erased). If you’ll install the game later, you can restore all your profiles and play next! It works only if you use the same phone.
To restore profiles enter Profiles page in the Main menu, then hold trackball for 3 sec.

"Safe start" feature

If your phone have been running for a long time, about a week or so, Android may behave strange. It became laggy and doesn't wait for apps to save their data. As a result when you exit game by HOME button and then restart it, game may read wrong data and "force close" dialog may appear.

To avoid "force close" dialog next time start the game holding trackball button before it loads completely, then release trackball. In this case game "forgets" previous unsuccessful saving and loads menu.

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